Friday, October 07, 2005

Washington D.C., Fall 1992

The first trip Laurie and I took together was to Washington D.C.

It happened to be the "Taste of Washington" festival and we got to see Dr. John perform.

We saw mostly museum and buildings. We didn't make it to a single monument, but we were quite sure that we would return some day.

D.C. has a vibrant Chinatown. One day for lunch we went this place and ordered a dish. We weren't really sure what it was and when it arrived it was a delicious pot of various seafood. One item in it had a curious color and texture. I asked our waitress what it was and, in a very thick Chinese accent she said something unintelligible. I asked her again and she said the same thing.

I asked Laurie what she had said and she didn't understand either. When she came back I asked again. This time I understood her to say "seafood meat" which we assumed to be the bologna of seafood.
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