Sunday, December 29, 2013

Guidebooks or the Web?

Here is a good article from the Sunday, 12/29/13, NYT Travel section on using guidebooks or the Web for travel planning.  It really is a false choice:  we always use both.

But, we wouldn't even think of going on a trip without our guidebooks.  Our two favorites are the Lonely Planet and Rick Steves.  Whenever possible we bring a Streetwise map as well.

For our upcoming trip to Riga and Vilnius we picked up the Lonely Planet Baltics and I got Rick Steves' Northern European Cruise ports from the library for his section on Riga ("undiscovered gem!") since he doesn't have a separate Baltic book.

There is a Latvian Lutheran church and school in Wauwatosa, about 12 blocks from our house that has services in Latvian three weekends a month.  We'll get in touch with them for some advice on Riga and a crash course in Latvian.

Their church was on the Windows Into Wauwatosa tour last year and we stopped in.  They were understandably quite proud that they had a thriving congregation and about 20 students in their school.

Who'd have thought there would be a Latvian community in Wauwatosa?
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