Sunday, January 05, 2014

NYT Travel Section

Despite my last post, I am almost always disappointed in the New York Times Sunday Travel section.  They assume that everyone reading both has unlimited funds and wants to spend a lot of money on their vacations.

Our internet friends, Lou & Joan Rose (The Ramblin' Roses) always say that the less you spend, the closer you get to the reason you went.  Alain De Boton makes a similar point in his very round about way in his 2004 book, The Art Of Travel.

Look at today's "36 Hours In" article on Chicago.  We go to Chicago at least twice a year for long weekends, and this is not what we'd recommend for people who want to visit (ok, we always hit the Signature Room for martinis and I'm told the view from the women's room is the best).

But, I'll keep reading.  What can you do!

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