Sunday, January 12, 2014

Latvian Connection

How did I not remember this?

Yesterday we went to our favorite French restaurant in Milwaukee, Chez Jacques, to meet our friend Pat W for moulles, frites, charcuterie, and wine  as we occasionally do.
(Here is me with Xavier, Jacque's friend at his restaurant in Paris)
From Paris - 2009

We mentioned to Pat that we are going to Latvia this year.  He reminded us that Ingrid, Muskie Mike's wife (Muskie is Pat's brother and the only person in the world who looks more Irish than Pat) is from Latvia!  I knew that!

We will have them over in a few weeks to discuss all things Latvian.
From Harley-Davidson's 105th Anniversary Party

(Pat, Shirley, and Laurie)

I like to think that we picked the Hanseatic Cities because of all this subliminal information.

Yeah for us!
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